Always Look At The Bigger Picture

I once had an instructor tell me how unfortunate I was for not being able to continue into a program of study I was desiring. “How unlucky for you” were the exact words used. The comment greatly set me off my feet, for right in front of me was someone who knew how energy worked, but still saw the world in terms of good and bad, lucky and unlucky. There is truly no such thing, for how you perceive the world and events around you makes it what you understand it to be.

When faced with an obstacle do you back down, thinking that a bad thing has happened, or you have been unlucky? If so, there is a much bigger picture to consider: obstacles are always a test. Life is checking in with you to see if you really do want that thing you are working on, making you go the extra mile for the cookie.

It’s important to recognize the obstacle as a test and then ask yourself if you really do want that outcome, or is a different direction better for you? Only you will know. If it’s worth striving towards then roll up your sleeves, put on the big boots and start on the path of facing the obstacle head on. If you feel it’s not worth more work, that is ok, but you must move on to an equally or more important goal to keep the energy moving positively.

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