Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year!

Year of The Pig is here!


Now that you have decluttered and cleaned your home in preparation for the New Year it is important to do the appropriate Feng Shui cures. In the BTB tradition we have specific cures for protection and blessings that I make available to all of my clients (the cures are considered secret and only shared with the exchange of red envelopes).

Traditionally it is important to light firecrackers at night to keep any negative energy or spirits away as well as add light wherever you can. Showering isn’t allowed on New Year’s Day, as well as no cleaning or taking out the garbage – you don’t want to throw your good luck away!!! And once the New Years Festival is over you have to know there is another day dedicated to cleaning, so enjoy the break while you can!!

Spend time with family and friends and have fun. This is a time to celebrate. Make the most of it!!


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