Here There Be Dragons!

Obstacles (insert sound of hitting the brakes of life hard here)…when you are pushing ahead toward a goal and you get stopped. The sure thing you planned on failed – you didn’t get the job, your travel plans got cancelled, the relationship ended. They are the energetic dragons that jump into the middle of your path to scare you and try to stop you from achieving your goal.

Dragons are illusions representing your fears coming at you. To react with fear and run away is exactly what the Dragon wants from you to ensure its success, but you are smarter than that. In recognizing the process you can take a step back and reevaluate what needs to be done.

Have no fear! Your dream is still within grasp! You may need to adjust your current plans, or be patient while continuing onward, knowing that divine timing will eventually work in your favour and deliver the goal to you.

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