Chinese New Year

Preparing For The New Year

December was all about spending time with family and friends, and although we had the New Year’s celebrations December 31st, the Chinese New Year does not begin this year until February 5th.┬áThe month of January is traditionally the time to prepare for the New Year by:


-Tying up loose ends on projects.

-Getting rid of clutter.

-Doing some major house cleaning.


Small steps every day is the way to do it. Every single day you are activating energy by either releasing the old, letting go of what you no longer need, or cleaning up the dust and cobwebs. Don’t get ahead of yourself and start looking into what the Year of the Pig will hold for 2019, because the Dog is surely not over. It will give a strong last kick at the can this month and you will feel it in all areas of your life. Working a little bit on releasing things in your life everyday will keep the Dog energy to a minimum. When you are showing the energy that you are not attached to the last year in any way it will not have anything to hang on to.



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