Feng Shui Consultations

The journey begins...recommendations to adjust the space in your home or office to its most optimal potential.


How do you know if you could benefit from a Feng Shui consultation?

-If you are stuck in life

-If you are overcome with obstacles

-If something in your home or life does not feel right but you can't place your finger on what it is.




Space Clearing / Blessing Ceremonies

Space Clearing is used to rid environments of negative energy that tends to accumulate in and around homes, businesses and properties.


A Feng Shui Blessing Ceremony is used to energize the energy of the space, charging it with focused intention to create a desired goal in an environment, bringing fresh, positive energy charged with intention to attract only the best things to that space.


I know energy. My entire life has been about learning how to read, redirect and focus energy to enhance lives. I’ve spent the last 20 years teaching students how to become more intuitive, how to see energy and interact with it and how to develop tools to assist in creating the life they desire. I can show you first hand. I design mentoring programs specifically for each individual to meet their own personal goals focusing on:





-Feng Shui

-Spiritual Emergence



Feng Shui Consultant Certificate Training Program:


Feng Shui Foundations IDEC9111

Learn the basic foundations of Feng Shui for both interior and outdoor spaces, including history, Yin Yang theory, 5 Element Theory, the Bagua, clearing clutter, and basic cures to use at home and at work.

Wednesday January 23 - Friday March 1st, 2019
Campus: Calgary Downtown Campus
Hours of Study: 18
Price: $249.00
Online / Saturday Workshop 9:00 AM 12:00 PM on February 9th.

Feng Shui Intermediate IDEC9112

This course provides advanced knowledge in Yin Yang Theory, 5 Element Theory, the Bagua and Cure adjustments, including how to identify hidden and balance Feng Shui problems, use colour and create a sacred space.

Wednesday March 6 - Thursday April 18, 2019
Campus: Calgary Downtown Campus
Hours of Study: 18
Price: $249.00
Online / Saturday Workshop March 30 9:00 AM 12:00 PM

Feng Shui Advanced IDEC9113

This course prepares you to do consultations, examining the role of spirituality and intuition, how to cultivate your own personal practice of well-being, and transmute energy using the Bagua. Other topics include using Feng Shui to clear illness, and spaces, as well as Blessing Ceremonies.

Wednesday April 24 - Friday May 31st, 2019
Campus: Calgary Downtown Campus
Hours of Study: 18
Price: $249.00
Online / Saturday Workshop May 11,  9:00 AM 12:00 PM


**Feng Shui Professional Certificate

The advanced techniques a Feng Shui professional needs to master in order be confident and successful are explored in detail. *Feng Shui Consultant Certificate required.