Time For A Change!


It’s so easy to shift energy!!! There are 3 ways to move energy fast:


  1. Get rid of clutter.
  2. Move the furniture around.
  3. Raise the energy.


Getting rid of clutter is as easy as going into your closet and taking out a few items you haven’t worn in a long time. Get your recycling in order and out of the garage. Go through your house and fill a bag of items for goodwill.

Moving furniture around freshens up the home and makes it feel new again! Try changing some items from room to room or bringing items from the basement upstairs and vice versa.

Raising the energy is the fun part! Put on your favourite music and let it echo throughout the house. Open the windows and let some fresh air and light in. Wonderfully scented candles, essential oils or incense can top it all off to make this a perfect transformation!



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