You can learn all the cures and all the blessings and all the right adjustments to put in each gua, but if you don’t have a clear intention behind it energy will not move.

Energy is alive, its job is to flow. To learn how Feng Shui works is to acquire the proper knowledge of why energy flows in certain ways, why it becomes stuck and why it transforms from yang to yin and yin to yang. Why do you move the couch? Why do you paint the door red? Why do you hang a crystal in the window? Why are there times when you should do nothing but clean out the closet instead? You should always be asking why.

In asking yourself this question it will search your mind for a clear intention to set the why into action. This is the most powerful part. Why do you practice Feng Shui? To move energy. Answering the why and setting a clear intention will make your adjustments much more powerful.


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