Take Back Your Power

You Are The Most Important Factor In Feng Shui

Many years ago I heard about an old fable about Feng Shui that went something like this:


There was a young woman who became pregnant out of wedlock. This situation greatly angered the Elders of the community and it was decided that the punishment would be to banish the young woman from their town and give her the worst known plot of land to live on (in fact what they believed they were doing was leading the young woman to her certain death, for the Feng Shui in that area seemed to make it inhabitable; all the known rules of Feng Shui that people followed to help make their lives successful did not exist there).

The young woman willingly accepted her fate and moved out of the town onto the plot of land offered by the Elders. She was very smart and remained positive and saw her situation as a lucky one. She started to adapt her environment to the Feng Shui rules that she knew so well: she created protection from behind, on both sides and a slight bit in front of the home, and over the years continued to add in her Feng Shui touches to a home and plot of land that once was considered worth nothing, but one she had grown into a beautiful sanctuary!!!!! 

The Elders were very disturbed by the way she had been able to change her luck by using Feng Shui and offered for her to come back to live in the town. She declined, saying that there was no nicer home and plot of land than hers and she knew it!


And so remember – there is nothing you cannot do with the knowledge of Feng Shui. Don’t let anyone tell you that it cannot be done.



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